Our Location

We are located at Marlborough Primary School, Draycott Avenue, Chelsea. The state of the art new build school is conveniently positioned between Sloane Square and South Kensington making it easily accessible.

State of the art facility

The state of the art facility offers students a spacious, bright, and airy environment, significantly improving student well-being and concentration. Natural light and ample space contributes to a positive and stimulating atmosphere, while robust safety features ensure a secure learning environment. This combination of advanced infrastructure and a supportive physical setting helps students thrive academically and personally.

Spacious Classrooms

Spacious classrooms significantly enhance students' learning experiences by providing ample room for interactive activities and group work. With more space, students can easily engage in collaborative projects, fostering teamwork and communication skills. It allows for diverse seating arrangements, facilitating both individual focus and collective discussions.

Additionally, a larger classroom can accommodate various learning stations and resources, enabling hands-on learning and experimentation. This dynamic environment not only keeps students engaged but also supports different learning styles, ultimately contributing to a more effective and enjoyable educational experience.